Inshore, Lagoons and Reefs
Closed Seasons and General Restrictions:
If fishing or diving in Antigua, please note the following Closed Seasons and/ or restrictions for various species. This is of critical importance to allow stocks under pressure to have a fighting chance of sustainability.

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This is a new project (mid 2017) which is formally beginning to record the marine species found in the inshore (+brackish waters) (<25m/ 80ft) of Antigua island, i.e. not currently incorporating Barbuda or Redonda localities. To date there has been no reliable or formal publically available, record.

This innovative project will catalogue the marine life found in these coastal waters and  provide an up-to-date, public resource for  interested parties.

The aims, in order of prioritisation, are:
a).  Formally identify, with photographic evidence, the species in inshore waters.
b).  Provide a publically available list of species identified to be extant in Antigua
c)   Provide biological information on each species
(initially fishes, then crustaceans, then others over time).
d).  Provide a public resource to aid identification of species recorded in Antigua.

The initial prioritisation will be on fish species, with opportunistic data/ evidence of invertebrate species. The project then will move onto these other phyla.

To see the biological details about the recorded individual species (fish and invertebrates), or the biological Families, follow the links from the "Species Records" menu above.

To identify a fish, use the "ID" menu above, which catagorises (fish) species by visual characteristics. Generally for the more common species.
27 Nov
Have added a general turtles page as requested, since there's much misidentification in Antigua (and online)..detailed species description pages for them will follow :-) But will ned image input from Antigua from others to adhere to the base protocol  :-)

06 Nov
Now at 180 fish species with photographic evidence in Antigua going through the images slowly..all now listed on the Species record list and gradually adding the subpages with details (those in yellow have a link), but it's a long process as they have to be listed on multiple pages including the Fish ID pages and under the Family pages :-)

01 Nov
Gradually going through the images from last trip and we are now up to 177 recorded fish species! It will take some months to add all the new data, so iniatially there will not be full functionality untill all subpages are populated. Invertebrates will follow.
There will also be some amendments on other pages.

20 Aug
Next survey begins 29th August

9 Aug
Invertebrates recorded to date now all have their biological descriptions. Might be able to add a couple more species by regoing through the photo archive at some point, but now gearing up for the next expedition starting 29 Aug.

4 August
Biological descriptions of the recorded crustaceans now completed

28 July
Currently organising the BBQ for local businesses, NGOs, formal bodies etc to explain the project ...set for 1st September. Will gradually be adding species details for the invertebrates over the next few weeks. Next recording session from 29th August to 14 October

7 July
Have added all the fish identified on last trip and now adding invertebrates and will be gradually adding full individual description pages as has been done for the fish. Also have more Antiguan fish images (to be used for identification points) to replace stock images where good enough. Bear in mind this is not a photography showcase website!! :-)
Now have a small boat for the next 6 week survey, beginning 29 August.

21 June
Still adding new species, now up to 118 fishes. Still many to go...but require that there is a recognisable image taken in Antigua before added, so many we "know" are there are not yet reported..we need your images  for this public resource.:-)
Also set up a Facebook page a few days ago to publicise the website and put up images of interest...( Antigua Marine Life / @AntiguamarineLife)...260 followers already after less than a week!

16 June
Still working on reorganising site, fixing links etc and working on the formal  database..have added 3 new species (all "Blennies") and forayed into how to format data on invertebrates...just the Blue Swiming Crab as a pilot..but need to concentrate on the site working and on accessibility, adding fish species and substituting fish photos...a tortuous process I'm afraid.
CA's photos have revealed photograhic evidence of several "new" species..e.g. 3 eels of various families amongst other fish..will take some time to go through them all!

13 June 2017:
Have many GB of photos to go through, many new species and better quality images. however, focus has been to a) Establish a formal database in MS Access  fully referencing all data of images taken in Antigua..these now are referenced numbered for the DB   and the images have a green border (temporary open source images for clarifying identification points have red borders)  b) Reorganising the invertebrate section to more closely mimic the fish section in anticipation of more data in the future
Will then start adding the new species and replacing poor Antiguan  images with better ones and also gradually replacing open source images with Antigua-sourced photos.
Fishing regulations updated following on the ground  discussion with officials.

Copyrights of
all images (openly credited or not) are retained centrally by this site on behalf of contributors and site researchers. This is an open educational site, hence you are free to use these images and texts for educational/ informational purposes, but please do provide a link to spread the word about this public resource.
Should you wish to use images for commercial purposes, please contact, in order that you can be put in contact with the image rights holder if applicable. The project relys on the kind consent of some commercial enterprises for some contributions and they might be rightly upset if their images were used for marketing by a competitor!
Many thanks for your understanding of such complexities and nicities :-)

Help/ Get Involved:
To report the sighting of an unlisted species, or to provide a better quality image/ phenotypic variant, please use the Contact Form with supporting photographs and other useful information e.g. location, date etc if possible.
For lightweight trivia, there's the Facebook page
Image taken in Antigua
Temporary image not taken in Antigua used to highlight identification points
Antigua Marine Life
Antigua Marine Life
Antigua Marine Life
Antigua Marine Life
Antigua Marine Life
Antigua Marine Life
Antigua fish identification
Antigua fish identification
Species listed are those which have been confirmed by photographic evidence in Antigua