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Antigua is a small island in the West Indies. It is one of the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean region and is the main island of the state of Antigua and Barbuda. It is approximately the size of the Isle of Wight (UK) at 281km2/ 108 sq mi.

Antigua sits on a plateau with Barbuda to its North, with Antigua sitting on the Southern edge, having a steep dropoff as close as 2km from the Southern shore (see Coastal Chart)

It has 3 main harbours: St John's (the capital) in the NorthWest, Jolly Harbour in the West and English Harbour/ Falmouth Harbour in the South East.

Inshore waters comprise of coral reefs, seagrass beds and sandy bays. Some bays are lined with mangroves and there are also brackish lagoons and ponds. There are no rivers in Antigua and freshwater ponds are few, but includes a resevoir (Potworks).

Average sea temperatures range frron 26oC (Feb/ Mar) to 29oC  (Aug to Oct). Underwater visibility ranges from 7m to 25m. Tides are small, with a range of ~30cm.
The island has 8 dive schools (with 2 being associated with specific resorts), with most only operating on sites only in close proximity to the shop, hence visitors might use several during their visit to fully explore different venues. There are currently no decompression facilities on Antigua itself (airlift in emergencies)...however there had been local rumours that there will be one installed in late 2017 at the hospital in St Johns (unconfirmed). Dives are generally shallow, although deeper 100ft+ dives are available off the South Coast. Equipment fittings are A-Type and 232bar rather than DIN and not all Dive Centres can refill DIN bottles (and only one can do 300bar refills).

With respect to fishing, Aquasports in St Johns carry kit, with the Aquasports store in Jolly Harbour having a smaller range. Budget Marine's shop in English Harbour also carries some equipment. Fishing charter boats are available in Jolly Harbour and English Harbour, and sea fly fishing plus float tubing is also available in the Urlings/ Cades region.

There are many operators offering snorkelling trips, either dedicated or as part of a cruise/ sightseeing tour.
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