Brown Garden Eel
Heteroconger  longissimus
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Be, S to 50 Pla, Det Colonial F
Garden Eel
Brown Garden Eel
Brown Garden Eel colony
Former Name:
Heteroconger halis
Body long, snake-like, virtually without dorsal, anal and tail fins. Pectoral fins small.
Jutting lower jaw. Front 2/3 of head and body dark brown, flecked with numerous small pale spots, grading to yellow at rear. Belly and throat white. Iris brown upper half, white lower half, dorsal fin white.

Found on sandy bottom substrate near reef structure where it forms colonies at 10-60 m depth. During the day it is primarily found with just the head and part of the body protruding from burrows in colonies; it retreats into the burrow when frightened and at night. It feeds on plankton and detritus. Continuously move in wave-like motions to catch plankton.

Life Cycle:
It spawns in warmer months.
(C) Dr P Ryan/ RyanPhotographic