Striped Grunt
Haemulon striatum
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Co, R (S) up to 28 Pla, Cru, Wor Noct Sh F
Adult: Fish with an elongated, cylindrical, body and a notched tail. Body with five or six
horizontal yellow or brown stripes over a bluish silver to silvery-white background. No stripes on belly (below pectoral fin height). Short snout with eyes near the mouth.
Head and back may be dusky.
Clear fins although tail can be dark. N.B. Similar Smallmouth Grunt has yellow fins and stripe on belly.

A reef-associated species is reportedly usually found at  10-100 m (deeper than Smallmouth Grunt), but juveniles are often found in shallower water. It occurs along exposed outer or deeper reefs and on semi-hard substrates. Will school with other grunts. Throughout the range, adults are most commonly found near the shelf edge in mid-water schools. Dense aggregations are often seen on small isolated reefs by day, and at night they disperse to feed individually on plankton and small invertebrates over deeper reefs where it can be difficult to observe.

Life Cycle:
Fecundity ranges from 19,000 to 535,000 eggs, and is related to body length and weight. It is has asynchronous oocyte development and practices multiple spawning
Striped Grunt Adult
Striped Grunt Juvenile
Striped Grunt
(C) Carlos & Alison Estape