Southern Sennet
Sphyraena picudilla
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Pel to 45 Pisc, Cru Sh F
Southern Sennet
Southern Sennet
Elongated bodies with logitudinal stripes, pike-like heads, and large jaws.
Forked tail (cf Great Barracuda tail is emarginate). The lower jaw protrudes slightly from the upper jaw, both of which contain fang-like teeth. Two widely seperated dorsal fins. The anterior dorsal fin usually possesses spines, while the posterior only has rays. Southern sennet have six spines, and 9 rays on their dorsal fins and only two spines and 9 rays on their anal fins

Inhabits coastal waters. Found in rocky or coral reefs , but also abundant over muddy bottoms, at depths usually from 1-12m, but recorded down to 65m. Juveniles are encountered in seagrass beds . Usually occurs in large schools.  Feeds on small fishes, squids, and shrimps

Life Cycle
Group spawners, with pelagic eggs and larvae.