JACKS - Carangidae
Almaco Jack - Seriola rivoliana
Bar Jack - Caranx ruber
Blue Runner - Caranx crysos
Crevalle Jack - Caranx hippos
Black Jack - Caranx lugubris
Horse Eye Jack - Caranx latus
Oligoplites saurus
Lookdown - Selene vomer
Permit - Trachinotus falcatus
Yellow Jack
Carangoides bartholomaei
Fast swimming predators of the waters above the reef and in the open sea. Some root in sand for invertebrates and fishes. One of the most important families of tropical marine fishes; fished commercially and for recreation.

Body generally compressed, although body shape extremely variable from very deep to fusiform. Most species with only small cycloid scales. Scales along lateral line often modified into spiny scutes. Detached finlets, as many as nine, sometimes found behind dorsal and anal fins. Large juveniles and adults with 2 dorsal fins. Anterior dorsal fin with 3-9 spines; the second having 1 spine and usually 18-37 soft rays. Anal spines usually 3, the first 2 separate from the rest; soft rays usually 15-31. Widely forked caudal fin. Caudal peduncle slender. Pelvic fins lacking in Parona signata. Vertebrae 24-27 (modally 24).
French, carangue = name of fish given in Caribe.
Bigeye Scad
Selar crumenophthalmus
Rainbow Runner
Elagatis bipinnulata
Mackerel Scad
Decapterus macarellus
Round Scad
Decapterus punctatus