GRUNTS (Adults) - Haemulidae
Haemulon  vittatum
French Grunt
Haemulon  flavolineatum
Anisotremus virginicus
Smallmouth Grunt
Brachtgenys chrysargyrea
Haemulon aurolineatum
French Grunt Juvenile
Haemulon  flavolineatum
Porkfish Juvenile
Anisotremus virginicus
Smallmouth Grunt Juvenile
Haemulon chrysargyreum
Tomtate Juvenile
Haemulon aurolineatum
GRUNTS (Juveniles) - Haemulidae
White Grunt
Haemulon plumierii
White Grunt Juvenile
Haemulon plumierii
White Margate
Haemulon album
White Margate Juvenile
Haemulon album
Adults are typically inactive during day when they shelter near or under ledges; they disperse to feed on benthic invertebrates at night.

Distinct pairing during breeding producing pelagic eggs with no known parental care. Pelagic spawners. Maximum length about 60 cm. Important food fishes. Includes the former Inermiidae

Dorsal fin continuous, 9-14 spines, 11-26 soft rays. Anal fin 3 spines, 6-18 soft rays. Small mouth with thick lips. Usually cardiform jaw teeth, with vomer generally toothless. Usually with enlarged chin pores. Branchiostegal rays 7. Vertebrae 26 or 27 (10 or 11 + 16).
Greek, haimaleos = bloody
Caesar Grunt Juvenile
Haemulon  carbonarium
Caesar Grunt
Haemulon  carbonarium
Striped Grunt
Haemulon striatum
Striped Grunt Juvenile
Haemulon striatum
Black Margate
Anisotremus surinamensis
Bluestriped Grunt
Haemulon  sciurus
Bluestriped Grunt Juvenile
Haemulon sciurus