Sharpnose Pufferfish
Canthigaster rostrata
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size Diet Behaviour Sex 
R, Co (S) 12 Veg, Spo, Cru, Mol, Wor, Ech I/ Pr F
Although confused by some with porcupinefish (Diodontidae [="two teeth"]), Pufferfish (Tetrodontidae [="four teeth"]) differ in their beak-like teeth are not bring fully fused, having a noticable groove (median suture) and lack obvious spines on the body. Both families have the ability to enlarge themselves as a predator deterrent.

Dark olive-brown upper body and white to yellowish ventrally. Pale/ white tail with dark borders (unlike similar Goldface Toby, C. jamestyleri, which lacks these tail borders). Scattered small blue spots on head and body. Blue lines around mouth & eyes.

Inhabits reefs and marginal habitats such as seagrass beds. Diet consists of seagrass, sponges, crabs and other crustaceans, mollusks, polychaete worms, sea urchins, starfishes, hydroids and algae

Life Cycle:
Monogomous and oviparous.
Sharpnose Pufferfish