Caribbean Reef Shark
Carcharhinus perezii
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size Diet Behaviour Sex 
Pel, Dem 3.0m Pisc I F
Silver-grey with white underside. Inside tips of pectoral fins and tips of ventral fins, lower lobe of tail and
anal fin dusky. (N.B. Similar Blacktip Shark, C. limbatus, distinguised by pale/ white anal fin and Spinner Shark, C. brevipinna, has solid blck, not dusky, black tips on fins). First dorsal fin small and starts behind pectoral fin. Gill slits small ans start above plane of pectoral fin. Heavy body - similar Dusky Shark, C. obscurus, has a relatively slender body and larger gill slits.

Often near drop-offs on the outer edges of reefs. May rest on the bottom. Usually found in reefs, at less than 30 m deep. Feed on bony fishes, including bigeyes (Priacanthidae).
Can be considered a potentially dangerous species, implicated in an abortive attack on divers in the Caribbean.

Life Cycle:
Viviparous. Size at birth below 73 cm. Reaches maturity at ~ 150-160cm.
Caribbean Reef  Shark
Caribbean Reef  Shark
Caribbean Reef  Shark
Blacktip  Shark