Goldline Blenny
Malacoctenus aurolineatus
    Ecological Descriptors
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Co, R 6 Cru Ter F
A small species with a compressed head, pointed snout, and tapering body. The body is pale with 6 dark bars. 2 dark bars at base of pectoral fin.  The posterior body bars and the ventral blotches between them are golden-brown on a pale to gold background. On the lower half of the body there are narrow gold lines (stripes). The anal fin is golden. The body bars do not extend onto the dorsal fin, which is unspotted in the male but often faintly spotted in the female.

Antigua Notes:
All the individuals this project has seen at various locations to date have had a particularly distinctive broad pale vertical band behind the first dorsal fin (as seen in photo below on e.g. that on the right taken in Panama) which makes them very distinctive & recognisable  (in our experience) in Antigua. This feature does not seem to be (widely) reported elsewhere in the region.

Associated with reefs. It inhabits eroded limestone slopes, rocky tide pools, or boulders in sandy or turtle grass areas in less than 20 feet of water. It is often  found near sea urchins. It feeds on amphipods and copepods
Goldline Blenny
Goldline Blenny
(C) Ross Robertson