Blue Runner
Caranx crysos
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Pel 75 Pisc, Cru Sh F
Adults: Body light blue to olive above, silvery below with a black spot at top corner of operculum.
Tips of tail black.
Juveniles: Often  have 7 vertical dark bars on body.

The Blue Runner is a pelagic species which forms schools primarily inshore; it is not  generally common around reefs. It has a depth range of 0-100 m and juveniles are found beneath floating Sargassum mats. These mats provide this species both with prey and protection from predators. It feeds on shrimps, fishes and other invertebrates.

Life Cycle:
Two spawning peaks have been identified for this species, the main occurring in June, July and August, with a secondary peak in October. However, it has also been suggested that spawning occurs throughout the year.
Blue Runner
Blue Runner Juvenile
Blue Runner