Black Jack
Caranx lugubris
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Pel (Co) to 1m Pisc Noct I (Sh) F
Body dark olive gray to almost black on the back, shading to bluish gray ventrally, scutes black. Upper profile of the head steep, the
anterior part concave, mouth relatively large. Small dark spot on upper corner of operculum.Tail deeply forked. Dorsal and anal fins long and dark. Scutes usually black. Pectoral fin with yellow.

An oceanic and insular species, usually restricted to clear offshore waters, but also off reefs. At depths down to 350 m. Not commonly found in shallow banks. Sometimes seen near the drop-off at the outer edge of reefs. Occasionally forming schools. Feed on fishes at night.
Black Jack
Black Jack
(C) Dr P Ryan/ Ryan Photographic