Stegastes leucostictus
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Dem (Co, R, S) 10 Veg (Car, Wor, Mol) Ter F
Beaugregory Adult
Beaugregory Juvenile
Adult: Body relatively elongate, plump, compressed. Dorsal and anal fins short, not reaching base of tail fin. Tail bluntly forked, lobes bluntly rounded.
Rarely black spot on tail base.Small black spot on rear dorsal fin. Blurry lines on side of abdomen (cf sharp in Cocoa Damselfish). Blunt snout is concave above lips and often has blue spots centred on body scales.
.Juveniles:  Upper head and back  blue, remainder bright yellow. Blue lines on snout and through eye extend onto upper back. Prominent a black ocellus ringed in blue on base of last few spines of dorsal fin, which does not extend onto the upper body (cf Cocoa Damselfish, C. variabilis). No black spot on caudal peduncle.

Found around coral or rocky reefs, as well as sandy areas/ seagrass beds. It is also found around mangrove shores and sponge beds, but is less common on flourishing coral reefs. It remains within 50 cm from the substrate. Adults of this species feed on algae, polychaetes, amphipods, foraminiferans and gastropods while juveniles feed on harpacticoid copepods, nemerteans and polychaetes. Bluehead wrasse are known to feed on the eggs of the Beaugregory.

Life Cycle:
The eggs are deposited inside empty shells or under stones shells

Beaugregory Adult
Beaugregory Intermediate
(C) Dr P Ryan/ RyanPhotographic
(C) Ross Robertson
(C) Tiswango