Banded Butterflyfish
Chaetodon striatus
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Co 16 P, Wor, Cor, Cru (Cle) I/ Pr (Sh) F
Adult: Body thin and round in profile. Forehead slightly concave, the eye concealed by a dark bar on the head. Body silver to white, with
two wide, black midbody bands and in third bar basally in the soft portion of the rear dorsal that extends in the tail base
Juveniles:  Juveniles with a black spot ringed in white on the rear dorsal fin. Fins not yellow.

Inhabit coral reefs, from 2 to 55 m. Occurs single or in pairs. Feeds on polychaete worms, coral polyps, crustaceans and mollusk eggs. Adults may form plankton-feeding aggregations of up to 20 individuals and occasionally clean other reef fishes that join the group.
(C) Bernard Picton
Banded Butterflyfish Adult
Banded Butterflyfish Adult
Banded Butterflyfish Juvenile
Banded Butterflyfish Adult
(C) Jim Chambers