Batwing Coral Crab
Carpilius corallmus
Carapace up to 15cm.

Adult: The carapace is smooth and heavy, with no teeth, except for a blunt one at the lower right- and left hand corner. The ground color is pale to brick red with scarlet spots and meandering lines of
small white or yellow spots. Upper walking legs and ventral surface cream/ white.Stout claw arms with dark claws.
Juvenile: White rounded carapace with red polka dots and pink highlights
The ends of the fingers and claws are darker.

Occurs on coral reefs and rocky rubble in the shallow waters. Nocturnal. Depth ranges from 1 m down to 15 m. Feed son molluscs and sea urchins amongst others.

Life Cycle:
    Ecological Descriptors
Habitat Size (cm) Diet Behaviour Sex 
Cor (R) 15
Mol, Ech, Sca Noct I F
Batwing Coral  Crab